A lab built for Winemakers!

For as long as people have been making wine, consistency has been the byword for excellence. Consistency is only possible with constant careful measuring, monitoring and analysis.

We’re proud to be able to offer UK vineyards and wineries a full lab service. We’ve built it to deliver advanced, accurate and efficient testing from fruit maturity to post bottling.

Quality and convenience

We’re committed to absolute quality with an understanding of how time-sensitive lab services are for busy winemakers.

We’ve installed market-leading equipment and a dedicated onsite lab team to manage all analysis and panel testing. This also means we can offer a quick turnaround service – full processing and reporting is possible within 24 hours during harvest and pre-bottling cold stability results within 48 hours.

Maturity samples, and full juice and wine panels available including Malic/Tartaric, YAN/FAN/Ammonia, RS, ABV, VA. Free and Total SO2 and Cold/Heat Stability.

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An overview list of our analysis includes:

  • Brix/SG/Oeschle
  • pH
  • Titratable Acidity
  • Free SO2
  • Total SO2
  • NTU
  • Glucose/Fructose
  • Malic Acid
  • YAN


  • Basic/ Advanced Fruit Maturity
  • Basic/Advanced Juice
  • Basic/Advanced Pre-bottling/Bulk wine


  • Dosage trials
  • Blending trials

You can download and view our Lab Terms & Conditions via the button below.

Lab Terms & Conditions

For further information and a full list of services we offer, please contact us.

Address: Penn Croft Winery, Croft Lane, Crondall, GU10 5QD

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"It is a pleasure to deal with Ben and Itasca as a thoroughly professional solution to all our winemaking needs, it is early days for us but we are confident Ben will produce medal winning wines for us as his expertise shines through. "

James Tuttiett, Northbrook Vineyard

"Dealing with the team at Itasca has been a delight at all stages - there is such a sense of professionalism and pride to deliver the very best service. I feel that our wine has been in the very best hands, and my inexperienced questions have all been dealt with so patiently! Highly recommended."

Lucinda Colucci, Blackdown Ridge Vineyard

"Although nearly 50 years old Wraxall Vineyard was new to us - as was growing grapes and making wine. We wanted to work with a sustainable winery and a dynamic winemaker - and found both in Itasca. Ben had guided us and the vineyard through our first year producing medal winning wine - Itasca is now a critical part of the Wraxall team."

Wraxall Vineyard

"Itasca has been a great help to us in working hard to overcome any problems and get things done for our disgorging job. They are friendly, professional and skilled."

Simon Woodhead, Stopham Vineyard