From Crate to Case

What does “from crate to case” actually mean at Itasca?

Well, in basic terms: you deliver your grapes to us we deliver your fully packaged wine back to you. It really can be that simple.

The magic in the middle is where our expertise, technology and passion come into play to help you achieve your goals and maximise the quality of your wine. In fact, we’re here to offer advice even earlier – at a vineyard level if required.

We use cutting-edge equipment and end-to-end, cloud-based process management that’s been specifically designed for custom crush operations.

Contract winemaking

Focusing on the UK market, we offer growers a premium, bespoke contract winemaking service that is designed to be totally transparent and flexible. Our high standards are set and maintained by our award-winning Head Winemaker, Ben Smith. His experience, knowledge and love for great wine means all our clients’ wines are managed with sincere respect and care.

There’s no one-size-fits-all. Every grower’s needs are different – that’s why we offer a truly flexible approach that aims to cater for 99% of requirements. We’ve designed our services to scale and fit into your workflow, whether you want the whole process or just specific parts of it. And if it’s guidance or advice you’re after, we’ll always help if we can.

Find out how we can help you turn your winemaking dream into beautifully bottled reality.

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Standalone services

Winemaking is as much an art as a science – the instinctive ability of skilled winemakers to know when to tweak and adjust is one of the secrets of great wines. This is particularly true during storage – often over multiple years – when critical stages require careful attention.

Sometimes you need to outsource this kind of individual service to support your winemaking process. This can happen any time of year, not just harvest time. If you’re an established winery, we can step in at almost any point and manage a specific process or stage for you.

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Typical standalone services include:

  • De-juicing
  • Tirage
  • Still wine bottling
  • Storage
  • Riddling
  • Disgorging
  • Still wine packaging
  • Sparkling wine packaging
  • Laboratory services
  • Enartis products

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"It is a pleasure to deal with Ben and Itasca as a thoroughly professional solution to all our winemaking needs, it is early days for us but we are confident Ben will produce medal winning wines for us as his expertise shines through. "

James Tuttiett, Northbrook Vineyard

"Although nearly 50 years old Wraxall Vineyard was new to us - as was growing grapes and making wine. We wanted to work with a sustainable winery and a dynamic winemaker - and found both in Itasca. Ben had guided us and the vineyard through our first year producing medal winning wine - Itasca is now a critical part of the Wraxall team."

Wraxall Vineyard

"Itasca has been a great help to us in working hard to overcome any problems and get things done for our disgorging job. They are friendly, professional and skilled."

Simon Woodhead, Stopham Vineyard

"Dealing with the team at Itasca has been a delight at all stages - there is such a sense of professionalism and pride to deliver the very best service. I feel that our wine has been in the very best hands, and my inexperienced questions have all been dealt with so patiently! Highly recommended."

Lucinda Colucci, Blackdown Ridge Vineyard